Immigration lawyers are responsible for helping people who want to work in the US to obtain work visas, representing people in the case that they are facing illegal immigration charges or are going to be deported, and can a help people to obtain permanent or temporary residency in the United States.

An Influx of Immigrants

The number of people who are living in the United States that are not born on US soil is quickly rising. In 2011, there were 40.4 million non-native born peoples in the United States, a major influx from only 9.7 million in 1960. In 2013, the number of illegal immigrants alone in the United States was over 11 million.

Handling the Growth

With the number of migrants to the United States increasing every year, the job outlook for lawyers in 2015 and 2016 is promising. In fact, growth in the legal field is expected to increase approximately 10% from 2010 to 2020. In 2012, the average salary for all lawyers in the United States was $113,530, although those working with people moving to the United States typically make less than that.

Constantly Evolving Policy

Another reason that lawyers continue to be in high demand is the fact that immigration policy in the United States is constantly evolving. In March of 2014, for example, President Obama called for a review of deportations, a job that will surely involve those trained in immigration law. Additionally, states such as Arizona have implemented their own laws, many of which have had negative repercussion for non-natives living in the state. In cases such as the Arizona law, attorneys are a necessary tool to navigate the complex legal system.