Business and corporate law is a myriad of rules and regulations that govern the operations of businesses within the United States. All businesses small and large must adhere to operational laws, and many often procure the services of a lawyer for direction in navigating the complex business legal system.

Areas of Business Law

There are many facets of law that a business, government, or lawyer may be engaged in. Most usually, business and corporate lawyers will specialize in contracts, taxes, intellectual property issues, transactions, employment law, international business law, banking, transportation, energy, and more. The number of possible fields and opportunities for those wishing to pursue a law degree focusing on business law are nearly endless.

Who Needs a Business of Corporate Lawyer?

All types of businesses will probably require the services of a lawyer at some point. Whether the business is a sole proprietorship, corporation, limited liability company, or partnership, there will be many legal issues that a business will encounter. A business will probably retain a lawyer to draft contracts or other legal documents, assist with tax preparation and understanding tax law, managing mergers and acquisitions, litigation issues, and many other day-to-day issues.

Without a  lawyer, businesses jeopardize their chances of building a solid foundation that operates within the law. If your business doesn’t currently have a businesses or corporate lawyer, you should retain experienced counsel today.