Environmental policy is a constantly evolving branch of law. Encompassing a wide range of issues, including regulations, laws, and disputes relating to the environment, new developments in policy are happening every year.

Environmental Lawyers: A Brief Explanation

Environmental lawyers usually work to protect the earth or those who are affected by damage to the earth. A few prominent cases of relevant disputes are Sierra Club v. Morton, Massachusetts v. EPA, and TVA v. Hill. Lawyers may also handle cases of pollution, deforestation, land protection, species endangerment, and more.

New Developments in Environmental Law

With the constant advancement of science and scientists’ understanding of the world, laws and policies concerning the earth are continually changing. Here’s a look at a couple developments for 2015:

Climate Change

In recent years, climate change has been at the forefront of discussions and disagreements regarding environmental law. In a 2015 effort to reduce carbon emissions, President Obama’s climate-change agenda included a provision requiring power plants and factories in the United States to obtain a permit.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Another issue of debate amongst politicians, businessmen, and lawyers alike are the practices of hydraulic fracturing, more colloquially known as “fracking,” and horizontal drilling. The processes, which have been a big moneymaker in the oil industry, are said to have serious environmental repercussions. Whether or not laws emerge regulating or restricting hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling will be a big issue of 2015.

Other issues that have become substantial in 2014 are global warming, pollution, water offsetting, renewable energy, and higher fines for environmental violations.