When people talk about civil rights, they’re generally referring to the Civil Rights Acts of 1964. The 1964 act provided a legal foundation for anti-discrimination policies in the US based on race, sex, religion, or age. Since the Civil Rights Act, civil rights have evolved to encompass a number of different rights that people are entitled to. It is the job of a civil rights attorney to protect and uphold these rights.

Notable Civil Rights Cases

Throughout history, there have been many famous cases that have focused on civil rights. Brown vs. Board of Education was a landmark case in the desegregation of public schools; Griswold v. Connecticut was essential to privacy rights; and Miranda v. Arizona set the precedent for the now famous Miranda Rights, the rights that are read to a person at the time of arrest as dictated by the 5th amendment to the US Constitution.

Civil Rights Attorneys Today

Today, civil rights attorneys work with individuals and companies that are involved in an incident of a violation of civil rights. If a crime has been committed against you as a result of your race, gender, sexual identity, age, or religion, or if you have been denied employment or workplace benefits, you may be entitled to damages. Civil rights cases are typically civil cases. If you’ve been the victim of a civil rights violation, call an experienced civil rights attorney today.