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Here at, we can back up the information you’ll find here because our founder is a lawyer himself. Site owner Jeremy Feldman discovered a passion for the law as a young high school student. Since he always enjoyed the outdoors, wildlife, and preserving nature, he decided to build on that focus and go into environmental law. He attended the University of Washington School of Law where he studied statutory and administrative sources of environmental law, agency rulings and court opinions that interpret those rulings, as well as the use, ownership and stewardship of natural resources and the surrounding environment.

canstockphoto13997884Jeremy obtained his JD in 2008 with dreams of applying his new-found skills in helping people and the environment coexist. However, during his years at law school, he saw how confused his fellow students were on the path to pursuing a legal career, without a clear beacon to guide them. He recognized the need to provide prospective law students and undergraduate students with current, thorough information online about becoming a lawyer. While a career in law encompasses so many positive aspects, he found it discouraging that the information students really needed wasn’t readily available. Jeremy vowed to create a resource someday that would provide a definitive guide on helping students pursue their dreams in the field of law.

As such, our site was created with the promise of providing free, easy-to-use tools for professionals, law students and prospective students to connect with a career they can believe in. From undergraduate degree information and online education options to LSAT scores and current job outlooks, you can find what you need all in one site. We know it can be frustrating and difficult to locate the best law school and degree for your needs, abilities and budget, which is why we’re here to help.

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